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Chèvre Vache

2015-02-12 15:00:29 by Pandoryk

Je m'adresse, avant tout, à ceux qui comprennent le français et je ne vais pas m'étendre puisque je vous invite à aller voir ma dernière création sur ma chaîne YouTube : Chèvre Vache.

Even a non-french-speaker could find some joy in that content. Maybe. (Just imagine a Dora The Explorer stuff at the beginning and you're ready to go.)

I like you very much.


2014-08-07 13:49:53 by Pandoryk

"What is it ?" you're asking. Well, that's my fresh new YouTube channel. Yes. For real.
Check out these links if you dare :
Facebook :
Twitter :
and obviously YouTube :

I like you very much.

New vid !

2013-11-21 13:52:38 by Pandoryk

Ok. Long time no see, blablabla. That's right.
The good news of the day is this new funny video... which is not a flash animation, and which is in french. Ok. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it :


2012-03-28 16:28:27 by Pandoryk

I can't believe it. When I saw the name of this tribute video on Youtube, I thought it was kind of a joke, that he made a new creation about his end. I was so excited to watch it. But no.
Edd was brilliant. I think we all agree.
Thank you Edd.

Robot K16

2008-07-27 15:09:32 by Pandoryk

Here is my last flash movie. Hope you'll like it.

What will you do if you made a robot who wants to be free?

Thanks for watching! ;)


2008-06-14 19:32:26 by Pandoryk

Finally I put my "Robot Construction" in my compilation : -4-
And this compilation is available!!

Hope you'll like it!


Robot Construction

2008-06-07 09:52:43 by Pandoryk

Why Robots ep. 2 is still in progress, but I just want to make something a bit different... yes it's still abour robots, but here it's about the construction of a robot.

Robot Construction

No! You're not dreaming! I'm going to make a new episode of the marvelous "Why Robots?" serie!
Hmmm ok, it's just the second episode, but that counts as well! XD
I had the idea a few days ago, I wrote several directions and when I think it's time to begin, I'll make it with passion and talent! ^^

I know some of you were expecting a new episode. I hope that it won't be for April or after. I would like to finish it during March (but that'll be surely a bit difficult with my current planning)

Stay tuned, and check my blog :!

Short film : Attente

2008-01-28 17:51:03 by Pandoryk

My short film is finally online!!


Check it! ;)

New design of my userpage

2008-01-28 12:49:06 by Pandoryk

And not only! My both avatars changed too! It didn't take me so much time to do that and I like what I've done, so that's groovy. I made this, before all, for my new blog :
Check it! And if it's too empty for you, check my last blog :